SAY NO MORE! In Conversation with Eric Idle

SAY NO MORE! In Conversation with Eric Idle

Hosted by Shaun Micallef

From The Rutles to Spamalot from The Holy Grail to Brian from The Sydney Opera House to The Hollywood Bowl from Casper to Nuns on the Run Surviving Python and surviving Pancreatic cancer, Eric Idle has earned a foothole in entertainment history.

From legend to bell end, a legend in his own lunchtime, he has met them all.

The Queen, Beatles, Bowie, Stones, Robin, Hawking, Peter Cook, Billy.

Eric Idle talks candidly about his life, his loves and his liver.

With Shaun Micallef and a guitar.

Your questions answered, your requests sung, your books signed (maybe).

Accompanied by Shaun Micallef and a guitar he shows how he is still looking on the Bright Side of

For one night only
And hopefully after that he will
Say No More!

(Some irony involved)
Some music involved.

Be quick! This will sell out!


Thu 1 Dec
State Theatre